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Love Attraction™ Coaching

Certified Love Attraction™ Coaches (C.L.A.C.)


The following coaches have been trained in
   Kathryn's love magnetization, relationship & dating
    techniques and are licensed coaches in this work.
     If you need support in opening to love or have been
      blocked, working one-on-one with one of these
      coaches is the best way to gain the impetus you
      need to break through into soulmate love.

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Edie Blue, MS, CLAC
Worldwide, Boston Area - English
Email: prosperityprincess@gmail.com
Website: edieblue.com
Phone: +1(857) 753-6819
Alt/Fax: +1(857) 753-6892

Edie has been a Certified Love Attraction™ Coach since 2010 and has participated in 3 CLAC teacher trainings, 2 in a leadership role. She has also attended live workshops by Kathryn on both U.S. coasts and completed a number of Kathryn's courses including the 30-Day Soulmate & Breakup Bootcamps and the Deliberate Creation Program. She is a long-time client of Kathryn's and was a charter member of both her Love Club™ and Mastermind program.

She is available for in person counseling, telephone counseling, email, and uniquely tailored workshops.

  Recent Graduates

Beth Gayden, M.Ed., CLAC
Worldwide, Southern California - English
Email: beth@bethgayden.com
Website: www.bethgayden.com

Available for Skype/Zoom, telephone and in-person appointments (Southern California). Beth loves to encourage people as they tap into their unique superpowers to deliberately create loving soulmate relationships. Clients have the opportunity to open their hearts to love during customized VIP days, workshops, virtual retreats, and group or private coaching sessions.

Laura Swartley, CLAC
Worldwide, Landcaster, PA - English, Spanish
Email: laura.swartley@me.com
Website: laurabethloves.com

Available for telephone and Skype appointments.

Lovette Tants, Social Worker, CLAC
Worldwide - English & Mandarin
Email: LovetteTants@gmail.com
Skype: Lovette Tants

Lovette has been a medical social worker who has helped numerous ladies in crisis due to heartaches. She is also anchored in Christian doctrines and equipped to providing religious counselling in the area of relationship. She can be contacted via email, and the coaching sessions would be conducted on Skype.

Bryn Erin, CLAC
Worldwide - English
Email: brynerincoaching@gmail.com
Website: www.brynerin.com

Available for virtual appointments by Skype, telephone or Internet.

Alexandra Schopf, CLAC
Worldwide, Washington D.C. - English, Spanish
Email: AJSCHOPF@gmail.com
Phone: +1(202) 246-2121

Available for telephone and in-person appointments.

Ruth Wilson, CLAC
Worldwide, Southeast Michigan - English
Email: enlightenedinteraction@yahoo.com
Website: www.enlightenedinteraction.com
Phone: +1(248) 990-1902

Available for phone appointments, webinars and in person workshops. Ruth can help you attract an easy, loving soulmate relationship. Recover from painful interactions, restore your confidence and find the partnership you wanted in the first place.

Sandra Lollis, CLAC
Worldwide - English

Linda Rehm, CLAC
Worldwide - English

David Randall Meadows, CLAC
Worldwide - English

Lana Wiltshire, CLAC
Worldwide - English

Maria Pavon, CLAC
Worldwide - English

Tasha Harris, CLAC
Worldwide, Southeast Michigan - English

  Previous Graduates

Angela Carlson, CLAC
Worldwide - English

Gail De Souza, CLAC
Worldwide - English

Kelly Ann Garnett, CLAC
Worldwide - English

Patricia Kingery, ALSP, RFC
Worldwide - English

Alexandra Loves, CLAC
Worldwide - English

Heather Walden & Rena Gordonson
Worldwide - English

Sabrina Buchanek, CLAC
Worldwide - English

Lisa Caroselli, CLAC
Worldwide - English

Jenifer Fraser, CLAC
Worldwide - English

Leslie Fletcher, CLAC
Worldwide - English

Lydia Ward Gray, CLAC
Worldwide - English

Meg Register, CLAC
Worldwide - English

Kristy Barry, CLAC
Worldwide - English

Mindi Cooper, CLAC
Worldwide - English

Laura Romfh, CLAC
Worldwide - English

Violet Casper, CLAC
Worldwide - English

Helen Moses, CLAC
Worldwide - English

Jennifer Marchese, CLAC
Worldwide - English

Jerri Matchinsky, CLAC
Worldwide - English

Lisa Barrett, CLAC
Worldwide - English

H.F.Emmanuel Faccio, CLAC
Worldwide - English

Kevin Hart, CLAC
Worldwide - English

Carol Slominski, CLAC
Worldwide - English

Mary Hromalik, CLAC
Worldwide - English

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