The Career Quickfix

A Life-Changing Solution for the Jobless,

Laid off, Those Unhappy with Their Careers

or Living for the Weekends

In Just 6 Weeks, Turn Your
Career Around Completely
for Work Fulfillment
& BIG Bucks!
(this process has more than
doubled many peoples' incomes)

The entire plan is laid out for you, step by step,

week by week, in our inspirationally crafted

Career Quickfix available as a complete

home study kit

Back when I used to direct Agape's Crisis Support Team, I taught workshops on many of the areas we dealt with. One popular course was The Career Quickfix that I offered for 8 years and that changed hundreds of lives.

The turnarounds from this work were nothing short of amazing! Many people went from being fired & discouraged to finding a much more lucrative job that made them HAPPIER (to be honest, most had been miserable in the jobs that they were released from).

Others quit career paths that stressed them out, only to start a business that quickly took off and that allowed them to work when they wanted, making money at home in their PJ's.

The bad news is that I hadn't offered the workshop in about 7 years. So you missed it!

But the GOOD NEWS is that as Jon & I travel the world, we see that this work is still desperately needed.

People are suffering but *newsflash!* -- you don't have to, and we'll show you why!

We've now converted The Career Quickfix live workshop into a Full Workshop Course that you can do at home, in your own timing, and watch your career blossom.

The new Career Quickfix takes you through a journey that:

If you're ready to stop living paycheck

to paycheck at SURVIVAL LEVEL,

you NEED this course to propel

yourself into overflow living!

Our Career Quickfix will teach you to:

This one-of-a-kind, 6-step program walks you through a system of reprogramming yourself for success on YOUR OWN TERMS. There is no right or wrong way, but only YOUR way.

And as you find YOUR way, doors open wide to a lofty career like you've never experienced before.

The best part is that we teach you how to secure your own freedom, doing what you want, when you want to, making your own decisions based on what makes you happy and never again feeling a slave to a job or any situation. This is BY FAR the most rewarding part of taking people on this journey - freeing them up.

If you have career woes & are ready to

set yourself up for an amazing year,

NOW's the time to get this course,

download it and set off on your new life

Set an intention for your future by ordering

The Career Quickfix

by Kathryn Alice with Jon Tompkins

to shepherd you into a New Life

Take control of your job & your career with this

Breakthrough Course!

All that is necessary for your career to flourish is to change your INTERNAL MODEL of what a career has to be and shift your energy to a different level.

We teach you a career model that does not drain you, but instead excites you, brings in much more income, and gives you tons more free time.

Just being exposed to this material will begin to elevate you to this high level of manifestation and as you do the simple exercises and steps we outline, things will begin falling into place for you faster than you could imagine.

So What's Included in
The Career Quickfix?

1. Your Career Quickfix Course Booklet

The Career Quickfix comes with an information-packed printable document that walks you through the 6-week course in STEP-BY-STEP detail.

It contains dozens of notes, samples, and examples that we'll use as you go through all the audio sessions It also contains many templates and tips for SPECIAL SITUATIONS you will encounter as you open up to your perfect career including:

2. Your Career Quickfix Core Audio Courses

Equaling 4 CD's in length, the audio tracks are neatly divided by TOPIC, so it's easy to find what you're looking for -- the first time and every time. Included are many hours of recorded wisdom, processes, tools, uplifting stories, anecdotes, and techniques that will change your working life for good.

Listen to them as you workout, when you're driving, and even listen to them in the shower to embody this shift in your career consciousness.

3. Bonus Audio: Getting Beyond Negativity

(Recorded Teleseminar)

Learn how certain negative beliefs and thought patterns may be holding you back. Includes over an hour of guidance, live Q & A, and exercises to help you clear your limiting beliefs and replace them with positive ones. Negativity is the #1 issue plagued by people working on expansion!

The Career Quickfix will become an essential tool to help you skip through life joyfully, creating the career and work-life balance you've always wanted and deserved!

We give you EVERYTHING you need to learn what to do and how to get started. We want you to have NO excuse not to succeed.

So, how much for all of this?

These many hours of recordings, teaching, processes, exercises & examples are less than you would pay for 1 hour of our time AS YOUR PERSONAL CONSULTANT!

This, the crux of shifting yourself to Success Mindset that will change your entire Career Mindset is less than $500, not even HALF that!

Start NOW! Turn your life into a triumph from here on out. Isn't it time to start a new story?

We can't wait to help guide you into the career for which you are meant to thrive! We bless you for zeroing-in on the life you've always dreamed of!

With sincere support,
      Kathryn & Jon

The Career Quickfix

by Kathryn Alice with Jon Tompkins

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