Kathryn Alice's Exclusive

Platinum Coaching Program

A rare opportunity for only a very few people!
(by invitation & referral only)


For the first time in 9 years, I'm doing one-on-one coaching
for a handful or people. While there is often a waiting list to
work with me personally, do apply if you'd like to about
getting personal help from me.

Before we ever announced this program in January 2014, it had filled up. Rarely are spaces available in this program.

Those who have gotten a slot in the program have seen changes like:

Why is this program creating such magic?

I will be completely there for you to make your goals happen.

How is this different than reading a book or getting a product?

It is tailored to you, and you gain my mental, spiritual, motivational and emotional support and insights into what it will take for you to get where you want to go.

There is something magical and very different about doing private sessions that are just for you.

Coaching supplies the missing link and the boost that you need to manifest.

It pinpoints where you go wrong . . . what is holding you up . . . and where you need to grow and provides the support you need to break through.

Coaching is what helped me flourish after being unsuccessful in every area of my life, and I have seen the difference it has made in so many people I've worked with.

There is not a high level CEO that does not have a life coach these days, nor can you find a professional athlete who could do without a coach.

So, I'm offering this opportunity to only a very few people. I've been asked so often for an opportunity like this, so here it is.

It is not cheap, but it's hard to put a price tag on the breakthroughs you will achieve.

To put a value on what a difference this can make is near to impossible.

If private coaching with me is the key to finally unlock the door to what you want, it is worth it -- more than you can imagine.

There are only a select few who will ever gain this advantage. We have one slot to fill at this time, and it will fill quickly.

If you are accepted, we will assess your life, your goals and go about creating them.

Using my experience in helping folks create just about anything they want, I will take you beyond where you've ever been.

We'll begin with an assessment of where you are, get clear on where you want to go and make that happen.

I will provide you every support that I can to lead you into the life that you want.

Benefits Include:

This program is super exclusive and rare, something Kathryn has never offered before. It is only for a very few people ready for Kathryn's support to move into their dreams coming true.

Participants see so much change in their lives once they begin the work with Kathryn personally that they rarely are willing to relinquish their place in the program so openings are rarely available. But we're happy to put you on the list of those interested and possibly offer you some complimentary one-on-one time with Kathryn to see if coaching with her is right for you.

Do apply to be considered for Kathryn's private coaching program by submitting your application below. This may entitle you to some free phone or Skype time with Kathryn to get her help and explore the possibility of coaching with her privately.

There is a three month minimum commitment to this program. It gives the luxury of time for Kathryn to be with you to affect great changes in your life. This gives the process time to work.

Click HERE or on the button below to apply for an exploratory session
with Kathryn (at no charge) to see if the coaching program is a fit.

Kathryn will be completely available to you --
to coax you into your goals with no holds barred

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