Dating Done Differently
May/June 2003
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Scrap everything you think about dating and start over. Dating looks different when you use spiritual principle. It ceases to be such a crazymaking, difficult period. You don't have to do anything you don't want to. You don't have to make it fit, if the chemistry isn't there. You don't have to settle.

And you don't have to worry you will miss your life partner or repel the object of your desires. There's nothing you can do to miss your soulmate or turn him off (otherwise, he wouldn't be your soulmate). You can enjoy this process, without feeling any pressure at all. You must be yourself so your soulmate can recognize you, so don't bother trying to be something you're not.

There are four spiritual qualities that, when used, can turn dating from an angst-ridden journey into an enjoyable experience that you fondly recall once you're in the committed, soulmate relationship that results from dating this way.

1. FAITH - When you go forward in faith, you're not desperate. Desperation tends to push people away. With faith, you won't try to make something fit, because you know you don't have to. You understand though you're in limbo, and though you can't see yet who your one is, he's coming. This feels much better than trying to make something that has already been in your life fit, even though there are problems.
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