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Five Steps to Your Soulmate
© 2003 Holistipak

Many people manifest their soulmate within seven days of my workshops. Why is this? The work opens something in them has impeded their progress toward love. Culled from the exercises we do in my love workshops, the following steps will help you to remove any blocks you have to love and open up to your One.

1. OPEN UP to the possibility that you have a soulmate out there somewhere, living and breathing right now. In this cynical society, it is easy to be a skeptic, to think that love is only for the lucky. This makes many singles feel desperate, and this energetic is not conducive to attracting your love. Change your thinking on this issue to open up to love. Begin affirming that you do have a soulmate, and that nothing can keep the two of you apart. Shield yourself from people or situations that might reawaken fear or desperation in you. My belief is that there is "lid for every pot," a perfect mate for each one of us. Know that this is absolutely true for you, and that your intense desire for love is simply the energy that propels you into the arms of your One.

2. RELEASE negative beliefs and any old loves lurking about in your consciousness. Affirm that you do have a soulmate, one who is the love of your life and has everything that you want, even if you don't imagine this person can possibly exist. Release any notion you have that you have to "settle," and affirm that the two of you have crackling chemistry. Look around you, searching for the love stories you see, especially the unlikely ones. Accept that there are no limits in love and that you can have it all. Write an affirmation for yourself along the lines of, "My soulmate is coming to me even now. Nothing can keep us apart."
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