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From: Kathryn Alice


Back by popular demand,
we're offering a rare chance
for you to enroll in the
Love Attraction™ Coach
Certification Program!

Please join Kathryn for this transformative
online training where she will personally
walk you through her step-by-step
approach to starting, running & excelling
as a Certified Love Attraction™ Coach


Kathryn is only accepting a LIMITED number of people for this special training. After previous years' successes, demand for the course is at an all-time high!


Kathryn Alice and Love Will Find You are an internationally-recognized brand and bestselling book. They have been wildly successful both in recognition, following and success stories. Having this name recognition will be a big factor in propelling you into the success you have sought.

Unlike other training programs, this one not only transforms you into a love expert but it also makes it possible for you to IMMEDIATELY apply the business knowledge you gain to become an INSTANT SUCCESS.

The singles market is a multi-billion dollar industry with a dearth of positive, uplifting material. This training is meant to CATAPULT you into A PROSPEROUS business as a Love Attraction™ Coach.

The pioneer work quickly creates a buzz for your career.


Tailor the info you receive to craft a Love Coach business that suits your lifestyle, whether it is:

ANY or ALL OF THE ABOVE are possible. All it takes is knowhow and with the training, you will be able to SKIP a learning curve and dive right into MAJOR SUCCESS as a Love Attraction™ Coach.

There is a HUGE opportunity to not only make a difference in this field but shine a positive light into the lives of many opening to love all while doing AMAZINGLY WELL. People JUMP on Kathryn's material and thirst for upliftment such as this.

This training is geared to guide you into success with private intake and checkins with me, bi-monthly support calls, quizzes to ensure mastery of the material, training in my method of manifestation, counseling, group leading, workshops and easy marketing all to shepherd & supervise you into this exciting new career.

You receive ALL of the above to have a complete roster of new skills and means of
becoming quickly successful as a Love Attraction™ Coach.

This training will FAR exceed your expectations!


Kathryn will virtually lead you through this experience where you will have invaluable time to learn from her and others' experiences along with personal attention, something that is highly sought-after and hard to get.

You will learn Kathryn's SOUL COACH method of running a successful coaching business. It is a way of being of invaluable service to those you coach while becoming quite abundant yourself. The SOUL COACH method stresses finding your own, unique path as a coach and using it to craft your practice from the get-go.

We will play to your strengths as we craft your practice to suit who you are, your preferences and what suits you the best in your business. You may be shy around crowds and choose to work through one-on-one's and products.

Or you may become a "pajama coach" -- someone who works virtually, at home (or in the tropics, as Kathryn did for so many years) and uses the internet & phone to run a lucrative coaching business.

Or you may opt for teaching large crowds, speaking in crowded auditoriums and leading high-end groups. The paths are many -- you pick and choose your own according to your inner guidance, which Kathryn will show you how to hear & follow.

You cannot go wrong as you learn to follow your heart, and your success becomes unlimited with this method of putting your practice together.


Here are some Bonus Gifts you will also receive with this PIONEER Training:

BONUS #1: Bound Manual

You will get a comprehensive manual of all main topics with plenty of room for notes. There are six modules with detailed breakdown of each one, how to implement it with examples, outlines, exercises and tips Kathryn brings from her 15 years as a successful love guru. Worksheets & templates are also included and these alone, put into use, will pay for your training.

BONUS #2: Business Plan

Included in this training is a BUSINESS PLAN that we do together -- under Kathryn's guidance -- mapping out your success as Certified Love Coach. You can concentrate on the areas that suit your own personality, and if you fully implement JUST THREE of the SIX MODULES that we go over in the training, YOU CAN EXPECT A 6+ FIGURE IN THE NEXT YEAR!

BONUS #3: Packaging of Your Services
                      that is DONE FOR YOU

Whether than have to figure out how to craft a coaching package, we have one we give to you so that you don't have to figure out how to market, how to show clients the process you will go through and what they can expect from it. Suggested pricing on this package means that you only have to enroll a few clients to catapult yourself into a full-time coaching practice.

BONUS #4: Private Phone/Skype Sessions
                      with Kathryn Personally

It is rare to be able to have personal time with Kathryn, but throughout the training you will have many one-on-one phone calls or skype sessions with Kathryn to give you support, go over your business plan and success strategy and fine-tune your skills. You will also get monthly small group phone calls where you can ask Kathryn questions, get her support and work out your business steps together. With Kathryn as your cheerleader and support, it is very easy to gain your first client, your second and more until your practice is full and busy.

BONUS #5: Built-in Expansion
Program & 6 Figure Templates

The training comes with a built-in way for you to continue to expand. So, if you don't want to stop at 6 figures but have your next goal be 7 figures, there is a way included in the program for you to continue to amp up your business quickly. You will also get templates with examples of how to configure your practice -- all are geared toward 6+ figure incomes.

BONUS #6: Publicity Training

If one of your goals is to be an internationally recognized expert regularly featured in the media or a bestselling author, this program gives you a step-by-step guide on how to walk into that level of success. Kathryn knows from experience how to get there, and a plethora of resources, tips and secrets to positioning yourself to where you want to be is included in this training.

BONUS #7: Personal Introductions

As your mentor, Kathryn is happy to give you personal introductions, resources, contacts and connections to help you pursue your goals as a Certified Love Attraction™ Coach. Kathryn knows almost everyone in the field and has a wide variety of contacts, resources and networking know-how at her fingertips. She is happy to share these with you -- as one of her exclusive coaches.

BONUS #8: Extensive Business Training

This training includes upwards of $30,000 of business training with a focus on what works. You will have knowhow beyond what any other training gives you before you graduate including specifics on how to package yourself to charge more and create a steady income right away, how to enroll clients in an easy predictable way, how to BOOTSTRAP -- so you're not making a big investment to get going (this method follows demand and does not involve putting in capital before you know the results) and much, much more. This material gives you the equivalent of an entrepreneural business degree.

BONUS #9: Starter Coaching Package
                   (to get income flowing right away)

Most CLAC trainees get their business going even before graduation. Kathryn gives you a 5 session Starter Coaching Package to get going right away. Using this package, you can easily lay in a 6 figure income with as few as 8 clients.


This powerful in-depth and full participation training in the methods of Kathryn Alice gives you all the materials and skills you'll need for leading workshops in a 10-week group format, a weekend format and for one-time shorter events:

Affirmations ~ Visualizations ~ Workshop Outlines
Meditations ~ Handouts ~ Flyer Templates
Music Suggestions ~ Marketing Guides
Information for Your Courses

Info on coaching private clients either in-person,
by email or on the phone (fee suggestions,
session guidelines, training on how to build
a practice, bond with clients and offer
quite effective coaching)

PLUS, setting up several other income streams for quick success!

So WHO is Kathryn?

Kathryn Alice is a bestselling author with an internationally known brand. She is one of the most successful life coaches in the world. She directed Agape's Crisis Support Team for six years. Her work has helped tens of thousands find love and has been featured in Parade Magazine, The New York Times, Psychology Today, Cosmopolitan, Body+Soul Magazine, Seventeen and on Montel, NBC television & The Aware Show. She teaches all over the world and has also mentored many well-known teachers to their success.

NOTE: We are restricting this training
to a handful of students who are truly committed to becoming a wildly successful Love Attraction™ Coach, learning to implement the breakthrough work Kathryn teaches and dedicated to making their practice into MAJOR success while changing lives.

To Request a Consultation with
Kathryn & Find Out if You Are a Fit for the Program


Prerequisites: You need to speak fluent English to participate. And although there are no formal requirements for a background in counseling or leading groups, you are expected to be very familiar with the ideas contained in Kathryn Alice's material. You are also expected to be using them in your own life with positive results and have a strong desire to share these ideas with others.

We will equip you with everything else you need to successfully
become a Love Attraction™ Coach in the way that suits you best.

Pre Training Work - includes:
  - private intake session with Kathryn
  - exploration of and discovery of what kind of
     practice you want
  - prep work to prime you for the training kick-off

We get you started right away, from the moment you sign up, and the momentum you gain will only increase as the formal training starts. The sooner you apply to get registered, the more time you will have to get clear on what you want and take full advantage of the training.

Module #1 : Counseling Skills, Intro to Marketing
Module #2 : Workshop & Group Leading Skills,
                                                         Marketing Refinement
Module #3 : Teleseminar Skill Training, Teleseminar Lab,
                                                             Public Relations
Module #4 : Writing About Love, 3 Step Jumpstart Training
Module #5 : Hands-on Coaching Practice, Income Stream Refinement

Each module will include online learning that includes audio and slides, downloadable audio for you to use on-the-go, extensive notes (in your manual), two group phone calls, detailed exercises you can do at your own pace, quizzes, personal & group support and extensive information and resources. Practice until you master each skill is built into the program.

Kathryn has crafted the easiest and clearest path imaginable for you to dive into being a successful 6 figure coach during Year 1.

I look forward to working you!


Q: Do I have to be in a relationship to take this training?

A: No! Kathryn was single when she first started producing soulmates for others. And almost every unattached person who has been through Kathryn's coaching program ends up finding their soulmate within a short time of the training. We have had a myriad of engagements, marriages and even babies resulting from students who got certified as a CLAC by Kathryn and then found their happiness. It is said that if you want to become a master at something, teach it, and that has proven very true for Kathryn's Certified Coaches.

A few of Kathryn's coaches have joked that the training is worth taking just to find love :)

Q: Am I required to be anywhere specificially during the training? My schedule is unpredictable.

A: No. The good news is that Kathryn is offering this training entirely virtually. We've done this so that no matter your time zone or location, you can still participate. You can do the material to suit your own schedule, and even participate in the live calls by putting in a question or sharing ahead of time and then, listening to the recording after.

Q: I'm very busy. Will I have enough time to complete the training & fit it in with my busy schedule?

A: Yes. We have spread the training out over a number of months, so that the work is not labor intensive. It requires just a few hours a month that you can do as you have time. And one of the principles you will learn is how to let go of busy-ness that does not serve you. If work is part of your stress, this new career will put an end to that.

Q: I have never been a coach before. I'm nervous about counseling others, even though I feel called to do this work. Am I qualified to become one of Kathryn's coaches?

A: The training will teach you how to be a coach. If you are drawn to this calling and like Kathryn's work, that is all you need to qualify for the program. You will have practice sessions to get used to being a coach. If you are a good listener, that is all that is your best qualification. As you learn more about applying the Love Coach principles, success is built into the counseling, so you will find (as many have before you) that your coaching proves effective for others right away.

If you have any other questions or concerns about the training, please email us at We are very happy to help you out.


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