A Life-Saving Kit to GET YOU BEYOND
a Breakup, Divorce, Heartbreak, a Death,
Unrequited Love or Obsession, a Limiting
Belief, Pattern, Grudge or Attachment

Let me help you END YOUR PAIN right NOW!

Get Beyond Those Limits That HOLD YOU BACK!

From: Kathryn Alice,
           Expert on Love
           & Relationships


           Monday, 1:30 pm

Dear Friend,

The good news is that even if you've tried to move on and failed, there is a process and information that can help you.

I am known all over the U.S. for my release technique.

You can now tap into this power that many people have used to get over heartbreak and bring on true love quicker than they ever imagined.

This same process has helped people get past virtually any limit they've encountered. You no longer have to let your past, any perceived handicap or small thinking keep you from manifesting all you've wanted.

This comprehensive kit has enough material to keep you uplifted and going forward until you are done with attachment and ready to move on!

The Ultimate Release Superkit contains every single thing that you could ever want to learn to let go, a skill that will serve you for the REST of your life!

Not only will it get you out of pain now, but it will dissolve for good patterns that have held you in misery and created unnecessary drama in your life!

This release work has done the following:

One of the secrets of my success - and the one I'm asked to teach to other mental health professionals -- is my process that reaches the parts of you that are resistant to change.

While your conscious mind may know you want to change, parts of you may not agree, and these parts are hard to get to unless you know how.

So what do I get in the Ultimate Release Superkit?

1. Your Letting Go binder

The Superkit comes with a sturdy, 3-ring, information-packed binder that walks you through any release you'll ever need. It addresses all sorts of special circumstances you may encounter

The Binder also includes a transcripts of many of the recordings included in the Kit.

It contains dozens of notes, samples, and examples as well as suggested exercises, affirmations and techniques to put your release into action until it's finished and no longer an issue in your life!

2. Your Ultimate Release Superkit CDs.

There are 12 of them in all with many, many hours of recorded wisdom, processes, tools, uplifting stories and techniques that will change your life for good. You can take them with you for workouts, for driving and even listen to them in the shower to embody this new way you're learning of letting go into the flow.

3. Bonus Audio CD: The original RELEASING A PERSON CD

Includes over an hour of release wisdom specifically for when
you are facing a breakup, heartbreak or a divorce

4. Other bonuses.

You will find many other unexpectedly helpful bonuses included in this Kit. They are too numerous to mention here, but this Kit will keep giving and giving.

The Ultimate Release Superkit

will become an essential tool to help you skip through life joyfully, letting go of those things in the way of your happiness.

I get emails virtually every day from people thanking me for what my release work has done for their lives! The grateful people number in the thousands.

This is your chance for a new lease on life.

Nothing will have the power to hold you back any longer.

You can abandon any tragedy of your existence and turn your life into a triumph from here on out. Isn't it time to start a new story? Start NOW!

I can't wait to help you have a new lease on life. I bless you for learning to release and live the life you've always dreamed of!

Love & support,

The Ultimate Release Super Kit