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Wednesday, 11am

Dear one,

If you are not getting what you want in life. If you've felt like a victim, a doormat, then listen up.

I can help if you've felt insignificant, rejected or too timid to go for what you want.

Studies show over & over again that those with CONFIDENCE, are the winners in life. Everyone is attracted to this quality, even when we all have such varying tastes in what we are attracted to.

Self-doubt is an epidemic.

The good news is that there is a process of building your self-worth back up that is proven -- a series of techniques, exercises and changes of focus that will foster in you the bursting self-esteem that sets you free to claim what is yours in life.

This course walks you by the hand into the self-image you deserve, the confidence that makes your world come together . . . even if you've felt like a loser your whole life.

To that end, I've put together The Self-Esteem Kit: Universal Attractant Course!

Take a look at what it entails. I've put everything in there to build in you radiant confidence -- that quality the magnetizes to you everything you've wanted. When you have it, you can plan on having anything you want. And you will get it.

This is the key to many of your issues. As you bounce back into knowing who you are, EVERYTHING changes for you.

I bless you for getting back to proper self-appreciation, and as you do, you will draw to you all that you have wanted and have a new outlook on life.
Love & Support,

Tap into the
Universal Attractant
for Love, Prosperity
and ALL You Want

The Self-Esteem Kit: Universal Attractant
is a 4-week program to build the confidence
you so deserve

Make this YOUR TIME to have a charmed life

  • You will assess at the beginning of the course your self-image levels in 15 key areas of your life
  • You will undergo an assessment to see where your confidence needs work
  • You will undergo a process of raising your score in any area found lacking
  • We will employ techniques, exercises, hypnosis and teaching to restore you to the high confidence level you had as a child
  • By the end of the course, your energetic will undergo a marked change
  • As you undergo this process, you will see marked changes in your experience each week
  • Even before course's end, you will begin attracting different experiences and successes as we employ the universal attractant in your life
  • No matter how low your confidence may be, this process will provide you with the means to uplevel it measurably

shift your setpoint
of what you think you deserve

Eradicate every trace of
negativity toward yourself
and replace it with a
robust, unshakeable
sense of wellbeing


 What you will gain from the

Self-Esteem Kit: Universal Attractant

Undergo a process of laying in unshakeable self-esteem that is inner-directed: not dependent on anything in the external world. Circumstances will not be able to touch your healthy confidence.

Nothing will have the power to hold you back as you do this work.

What the 4-Week Program Entails:

The most revolutionary part of this program is that it gently and easily leads you back into who you are and the life you were born to live.

The program helps you precisely pinpoint areas in which you need to work and undergo a tailored process to shore those places in you up. (It is common to have multiple and possibly all areas found lacking but this process works on them all. It's very common for all areas to rise together as confidence is replaced across the board.)

As you experience this process, you eradicate anything that has held you back -- those voices you internalized long ago that told you that you weren't enough, weren't deserving, have something wrong with you or are just not important.

I have been astounded at how far beyond their limits people go as they take this one simple step of restoring their sense of self-worth.

The results, which tell the tale, have been unbelievable!

The Self-Esteem Kit: Universal Attractant includes:

1) 4 step process with recorded weekly classes, teaching, exercises, support and notes

2) 4 bonus recorded support classes with examples, elaboration, Q & A and more

3) Hypnosis meditations to line up subconscious resistance, eradicate self-sabotage

4) Weekly assessment surveys to evaluate, tailor progress

5) Everything you need to overcome self-esteem issues once and for all

6) Writings, pep talks, exercises, case studies and support

7) Forms, surveys and assessments to chart progress, keep you on track and provide clear evidence of breakthroughs

8) Course Pack - with all you need for a lifetime or self-confidence

9) Running Program - a follow-up means to continue refining your self-esteem that you can use whenever issues come up. Ensures you will never again slip, giving away your self-image to anyone

Points of Testing & Elevation:
        • career
• practical ability
• social confidence - friends and family
• social confidence - romance
• self-perceptive confidence
• self-image in known circumstance
• self-image in unfamiliar circumstance
• financial/fiscal confidence
• creative confidence
• boundaries enforcement
• expressive confidence
• physical confidence
• wellness confidence
• self-awareness confidence
• sensitivity confidence
• adaptability/flexibility confidence

No longer will lack of confidence hamper your ability to succeed in love, finances, career and life

You will complete this course with a heightened level of self-image that will serve you for the rest of your life.

From the get-go, you begin manifesting and seeing changes -- both in how you feel & in the results you are getting.

This encourages you to keep going until your life is unrecognizable, it has gotten so good for you!

The Self-Esteem Kit: Universal Attractant Course

Enroll NOW and CLAIM what is YOURS!

The Self-Esteem Kit: Universal Attractant follows a 4 week process with guided meditations, subject-specific building blocks to manifest in love, career, finances and socially plus exercises, examples, stories, homework, diagrams, formulas and more. Plus, a followup recording to ensure everything you've learned "sticks" until you embody it.

Week 1: Initial Assessment of self-perception. Negative Pattern Breakdown, Cessation of all destructive self-talk or behaviors detrimental to self. Recalibrate to neutral.
[patterns like questioning self, denigrating self, deferring to others, giving self away, internalized criticisms, defensiveness, apologizing too easily or inability to apologize, self-consciousness, shyness, tongue-tied, inability to defend self, being easily manipulated into things you don't want to do]

Week's End Culmination:
release all undermining patterns and turn attention to the replace step.

Week 2: Building Up. Lay in new self-supportive patterns on the inner and outer. Continued assessment and tackling of deficit areas in esteem.

Week's End Culmination: : finalize new avatar of self. Begin conforming perception to this avatar.

Week 3: In the world. Applying esteem breakthroughs in practical situations, everyday life and using them for upleveling in targeted areas. Transformation assessment and refinement. Tailoring of confidence application to specific intentions.
[NOTE: look for corroborating evidence. Experiment to find effective tools for in-the-moment boosts. Discover situations in which you flourish and eradicate those that undermine or attempt to reinforce previous lower esteem states]

Week's End Culmination:
formalize new identity in the world and in specific key desired roles.

Week 4: Embodiment. Firming up new esteem patterns. Template for going to forward into even more robust confidence that is increasingly unshakeable.

Week's End Culmination: concretize overall enhanced sense of self across the board.

But that's not all.....
You will also receive the following Bonus Gifts with your order!

   1.  Changing Your Script
      • do specific work to identify the script you hand people in
        specific situations (you can tell by how they treat you) and
        then change that script for very different results.
      • never again blame anyone else for how they treat you
      • You have to look for your script, change it and practice it.
        The results are astounding.
                                    • This secret technique has resulted in huge breakthroughs
                                      for those who have felt unattractive, unimportant or
                                    • Going through this process is a huge game-changer!

   2.  Boundaries Course
      • quit giving your power away in relationship
      • no longer be bullied, coerced or a doormat
      • be able to ask for & get what you want
      • boost your self-esteem with action that takes you to new
      • includes: audio, report, scripts and examples so that you
        will always be empowered in any situation

   3.  Confidence Playlist
        Included is a list of more than 50 popular songs from the
        past 40 years to help you learn how to turn any situation
        around and build your confidence while you listen

   4.  Special Subjects Coverage
        a. Career
        b. Finances
        c. Family & Social Life

Words cannot describe both the new lease on life you will have
and also the rapid manifestations that will accompany it.

This technique goes beyond surface levels of confidence boosting.
It ensures that your self-image is raised in an unshakeable manner.

You will EMBODY confidence in a way that makes it rock solid.
It will extend beyond circumstance or situation.

About Kathryn:

Kathryn Alice, ALSP, RScP, is author of the instant bestseller Love Will Find You. She has taught internationally in over 50 cities on 5 continents. She has helped tens of thousands of people make their dreams come true. Her work has been featured in Psychology Today, The New York Times, AP, BODY+SOUL, Parade, USA Today, Los Angeles Magazine and on Montel, NBC and The Aware Show. Kathryn is based at Agape where she directed its Crisis Support Team for 6 years.

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