In honor of my upcoming June Teacher Training, we are offering a FREE webinar on becoming a 6 figure coach. It contains some VERY important information in launching your career.

Recorded Webinar Available NOW!

  • Set yourself up for MAJOR success right from the start
  • Streamline your efforts for major rewards
  • Bypass the steps that waste your time & money
  • Learn SECRETS that ensure you're ready & open
  • Discover a little-known but CRITICAL marketing technique
  • Just a few small tweaks lead you into a burgeoning practice
  • It only takes 5 steps to bring you to 6 figure success
  • Exercises to help you flourish & set your course
  • Plus, you will get a FREE gift just for joining us!

For any of you interested in "Becoming a 6 Figure Coach", this FREE webinar is for you!

We apologize, but this webinar is no longer available!

Love & success to you!
                   - Kathryn Alice

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