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Having someone there to hold
your hand through the hard parts,
to see your blind spots and keep
you going makes ALL of the
difference in finally having your
breakthrough. Coaching in an
effective program works when
all else fails.

"The very first use of the word 'coach'
in English occurred in the 1500's to
refer to a particular kind of carriage
. . . Hence the root meaning of the
verb 'to coach': to convey a valued
person from where he or she was to
where he or she wanted to be."

~ Roger D Evered & James Selman
Coaching & The Art of Management


Work with Kathryn directly as
your coach or train with her to
become a coach of your own!

Coaching is the hottest new career
there is. It's an easy way to make
6 figures and help people at the
same time. Our program is
designed for this.

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