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Get over a breakup, divorce or romantic attachment with the
“Releasing a Person” CD or digital download

A Process That Will Heal Your Pain
This recording is based on the popular “Releasing a Person” workshop that thousands have used to recover from heartbreak. Many have also used it for a dating tool to break a painful attachment or get over someone with whom it's not working out. Kathryn has even had people use this process to release someone who has died or a painful grudge or thought. It works the same way.

  • Let go of a romantic attachment, a breakup, divorce or death
  • Release the pain of this attachment
  • Finally get over this tie that holds you back
  • Find your true source and be free
  • Conscious letting go of the person you're releasing
  • Wisdom, tools and a guided meditation that is highly effective
  • Set yourself free and make sure that your field is completely clear for your soulmate

"I am releasing as I write! I loved your tape. I think you are amazing…thank you so much…you have given me hope again." Susan Hartzler

"I feel 10 lbs lighter, my back is loosened, I feel free and ready for the new year, and the love of my life." Ali Brown

This recording will do 3 things for you:
1. Convince you that you need to release and that there's no faking it. It will clue you into a little-known energy that can even attract the person you're releasing.

2. Take you through an actual release, a secret technology that Kathryn has used for years to miraculously heal people of heartbreak and able to go on to full-on love. It is a powerful process that people rave about afterwards. They can't believe it works, but it does.

3. Give you tools to continue releasing if necessary, tools that unlock a magical power in your life and that will serve you for the rest of your life.

Tracks include:
1. The Importance of Release and the Basics of Releasing
2. Three Tools for Releasing
3. Q & A
4. Prep for Guided Meditation
5. The Release: A Guided Meditation to Set You Free

Time with Kathryn is prohibitively expensive, and she rarely teaches this workshop LIVE any more. But getting your heart back and relieving your pain with this CD for only $20 is one of the best deals out there. Do yourself a favor and don't delay stepping into freedom. You have love to experience, joy and fun to have so don't spend another day moping around. Get this CD today!


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